Thursday, November 29, 2018

Book character day

HELLO EVERYONE! it is me again.
It was book character day last week on Thursday I was the Hulk
It was very fun on that day running around being Hulk but it was still a
school day we done our reading as usual And then at the end of the day we
had Assembly

Friday, November 23, 2018

Story about my self

One day Toby and Jacob were driving down the road in there  police car.
Suddenly they saw someone speeding Jacob put the  police siren on.
We chased the person all the way down the road.   Then Toby and Jacob
caught up with him Toby said real loud ”pullover!” The  man pulled over.
The man started running off with a knife  then he opened a house door.
Then he started running to find somewhere to hide in the house  and he
saw someone he went and picked up a knife and stabbed the person in the arm.
He was bleeding heavily Jacob took care of him well Toby ran after him
and tackled the man  onto the ground and said you are under arrest for Stabbing
someone so Toby and Jacob  took the man back to the police station and handcuffed
him and put them in the jail cells.  In the other day he went out and drivers police
car all the way down to the railway station because he loves trains is mostly
everybody knows that and guess what he drives the steam train at
Mainline Steam and wicker pass railway. so I really shouldn't be really
talking about the trains but so went to the coal yard and went and
had a look at the Diesels and then suddenly he got a call from the
police station saying someone got stabbed so Toby after person who
tried to stab someone he had to call back up for his  he went and
pulled over and got his friends Jacoob and two and guess what his friend Jacob was a

Friday, November 9, 2018


Last week we went sailing and my Dad came with us, happy. thats me!

First, we went on the bus to Lake Rua. On the bus we went past the
airport and we saw some airplanes go flying.
My Dad and I played eye spy with my little eye.

I was nervous before sailing because I was
worried about tipping out of the boat. My dad said to me,
”I know you can do it.” We got there and I took off my
clothes and got into my swimming suit. Soon afterwards
we made the boats and put them together. It was pretty easy
because   Layton and Jacob helped.

Afterwards we went down and had some morning tea.
We practiced how to sail the boat on the ground just so we
knew what to do for when we were on the water, incase we tipped.
I enjoyed it because the examples made me feel less scared. Eventually,
we finally went out onto the same boat and we went off onto the water.
I was getting creeped out and I thought I was going to fall off the boat.
I was getting really worried. But I went on the sailing boat again.
At least I didn't tip over. I didn’t feel safe going on the boat again because I
almost tipped the second time and I was scared. Then  we had lunch.
I had a chicken bun a cheese bun. It tasted good. then we went on the
boat a second time. I nearly turned over. But it was still fun. I got back
safely and I got off and my dad was very proud of me.
I went back because I was really, really cold and I took off my swimming togs,
got into my clothes and then we listened to the instructions.
We thanked them for offering us to go sailing.

Yes! I went on the bus. We couldn't get out for a while
because they had to cut chains off the gate. It was a really long time.
Then we went out and we got back to school and then we went home.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

What I use for my witing.

When I write I use talk to speech If you can't write fast or spell right you should use talk to speech
It help to write faster and get your words down quicker because can I write her story I can in half an hour I can have 280 words with talk to speech .