Friday, November 9, 2018


Last week we went sailing and my Dad came with us, happy. thats me!

First, we went on the bus to Lake Rua. On the bus we went past the
airport and we saw some airplanes go flying.
My Dad and I played eye spy with my little eye.

I was nervous before sailing because I was
worried about tipping out of the boat. My dad said to me,
”I know you can do it.” We got there and I took off my
clothes and got into my swimming suit. Soon afterwards
we made the boats and put them together. It was pretty easy
because   Layton and Jacob helped.

Afterwards we went down and had some morning tea.
We practiced how to sail the boat on the ground just so we
knew what to do for when we were on the water, incase we tipped.
I enjoyed it because the examples made me feel less scared. Eventually,
we finally went out onto the same boat and we went off onto the water.
I was getting creeped out and I thought I was going to fall off the boat.
I was getting really worried. But I went on the sailing boat again.
At least I didn't tip over. I didn’t feel safe going on the boat again because I
almost tipped the second time and I was scared. Then  we had lunch.
I had a chicken bun a cheese bun. It tasted good. then we went on the
boat a second time. I nearly turned over. But it was still fun. I got back
safely and I got off and my dad was very proud of me.
I went back because I was really, really cold and I took off my swimming togs,
got into my clothes and then we listened to the instructions.
We thanked them for offering us to go sailing.

Yes! I went on the bus. We couldn't get out for a while
because they had to cut chains off the gate. It was a really long time.
Then we went out and we got back to school and then we went home.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

What I use for my witing.

When I write I use talk to speech If you can't write fast or spell right you should use talk to speech
It help to write faster and get your words down quicker because can I write her story I can in half an hour I can have 280 words with talk to speech .

Athletics day

We had done athletics day on Friday it was fun. I am scared to do  High jump but I done it anyway
I really enjoy doing athletics I don't want to come in the morning but I did I done the
shop but I don't know how much I got in the shop but but I found it a little bit fun
chatting with my friends on the beach while waiting for to do the Op Shop
Then we done the relays under relays but I don't only for fun not to win I did everything
for fun and I tried it all I was proud of myself I think we done the disc is that was
fun too so no way and trying to get a high score I don't know I think I got 3 m
something but is still fun

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Facts about the Titanic

Apparently, when the Titanic was leaving the

docs it bumped into

another ship.   the ship did sink,  but at least

there was nobody on

the ship. The Titanic apparently had a fire on the ship when and for three weeks Apparently the Titanic had a fire and the ship and then it hit It must have been a big iceberg it hit it went down with a big snack and then people apparently do scuba diving when will is down below in the water it must have been a big sad sing it happens I feel sorry for all the people that were on the ship must have been terrifying people were screaming bit here and there are they there and then they set off a firework the Firework weren't went pop apparently there was a Canadian ship it was right down there  did not answer they thought they were just having a big party but that's not right the Titanic was sinking down to the bottom of the sea must have been very scary moment for everyone on that  horror moment all the children must have been afraid of what was happening and they wanted they probably want to know what was happening and must have been terrifying everyone of on that ship even including the captain.If I was on that sereI would have been horrified at all what was happening I would say it was the most saddest moment on the all the ship history Ship must have had so many memories bad ones because it sunk

Friday, October 19, 2018


We have been doing measurements it is fun it to do with waing and time to.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Heritage day

Related image

I went to Ferrymead  heritage we did not know at it was heritage day 

we puked next to the tram shed we walked to that station  and F 13 the steam train that is in the video it took as to the next

                  station there were Amy went on.  and the best 

                         port was the little steam train    and here is a                                            photo you can see.                                         

Image result for Ferrymead  steam train

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Hi it's me again  I have been doing statistics it is fun because you  can make tally charts